UPDATE: An Executive Order and additional guidance on this mandate has been released by the City of New York.  More information can be found in our post here.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that New York City will become the first major city in the United States to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for workers and patrons of indoor dining, indoor fitness, and indoor entertainment venues and performances.

In a press conference, Mayor de Blasio stated that the mandate – termed the “Key to NYC Pass” –  will launch on August 16, 2021, around which time further guidance on the requirements will be issued.  The City will then begin enforcement of the mandate on September 13, 2021.  Individuals will be able to show their vaccination card or utilize either the New York State Excelsior Pass or a new vaccine pass to be launched by NYC as provide proof of vaccination.

Details of the mandate remain slim at this time, including with regard to potential accommodations for individuals with disabilities or sincerely held religious beliefs that preclude them from receiving the vaccine, as well as how the mandate will be applied to minors who are not yet of vaccine-eligible age.

We will continue to monitor this significant development and provide updates as they become available.