On April 7, 2017, the D.C. Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2016 (the “Act”) (L21-0264) took effect as Congress’s 30 legislative day clock to overturn the Act via a joint resolution expired. As we have previously reported (here and here), the Act will provide workers in Washington, D.C. with eight weeks of paid leave to care for a new child, six weeks of paid leave to care for a sick family member and two weeks of paid leave for a personal illness. To qualify, a worker need only be employed by a private employer in D.C.  Residents of other states with jobs in D.C. will be eligible for the benefit.  The program is to be funded by a new payroll tax on employers of 0.62%.  D.C. employers will begin paying this new tax by July 1, 2019, and employees will be able to access the new benefit beginning July 1, 2020.

As we have previously reported, there are efforts underway to try to amend the Act before its effects are felt by employers and employees. We will continue to track and report on developments impacting this new employee benefit.