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Erica Loomba

Erica Loomba


Erica Loomba is an associate in the Immigration & Nationality Group.

Erica's practice includes: obtaining employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visas for professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, financial, aviation, retail, scientific, educational and computer industries; providing advice on immigration and employment governmental regulations, policy and practice compliance; and assisting with consular processing.

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Immigration Fact and Fiction for the U.S. Employer: Know Your Rights – 5 Things to Tell Your Foreign National Employee in the Current Climate

On February 21, 2017, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released two memoranda signed by DHS Secretary Kelly addressing immigration enforcement.  While a sitting President cannot independently modify laws or regulations without going through the normal rule making process, he/she can significantly alter policy and enforcement priorities.  These two memoranda are a clear example of a … Continue Reading