On July 19, 2022, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced the launch of the state’s confidential hotline for complaints of workplace sexual harassment.

As we previously reported, S812A (enacted in March 2022) establishes a toll-free confidential hotline, administered by the New York State Department of Human Rights (NYSDHR), “to provide individuals with complaints of workplace sexual harassment counsel and assistance.” Employees may now call 1-800-HARASS-3 to receive free legal counseling regarding any complaint of workplace sexual harassment or to submit a complaint regarding such harassment.

According to the NYSDHR’s website, the hotline will be operated by staff at the NYSDHR’s Office of Sexual Harassment Issues (OSHI) during regular business hours. OSHI staff will provide callers with “information about filing a sexual harassment complaint with the agency and, if the caller is interested in discussing their case with an attorney, the hotline will provide them with the name(s) and contact information of an attorney who is experienced in providing counsel related to workplace sexual harassment and who has volunteered to provide limited pro bono assistance.”

Additional guidance from the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) is expected, as the law requires the NYSDHR to work with the NYSDOL “to ensure that information on the hotline is included in any materials employers must post or provide to employees regarding sexual harassment.”