***UPDATE: The bill was enacted into law on January 15, 2022 upon no action by the Mayor.  The law takes effect on May 15, 2022.***

The New York City Council has approved a bill that would require NYC employers with four or more employees to include in job postings – including those for promotion or transfer opportunities – the minimum and maximum salary offered for any position located within New York City.  The bill now goes before the mayor for consideration.

Specifically, the bill would amend the New York City Human Rights Law to make it an unlawful discriminatory practice for a covered employer or its agent, or for an employment agency, to post or otherwise advertise a job, promotion or transfer opportunity without stating the minimum and maximum salary for the position in such posting or advertisement.  In providing the salary range for a position, the range would need to “extend from the lowest to the highest salary the employer in good faith believes at the time of the posting it would pay for the advertised job, promotion or transfer opportunity.”

The bill would not apply to job postings for temporary employment at a temporary help firm, as such firms are already required to provide wage range information in compliance with the New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act.

If enacted, the bill would take effect 120 days after it becomes law.  The NYC Commission on Human Rights would be authorized to promulgate rules to implement the law.

We will continue to monitor and report on further developments regarding this bill.